Sunday, 18 September 2011

Seil Island

Today we will be visiting Seil Island and crossing the Atlantic. Luckily for us, we won't have to go on a boat or an aeroplane because many years ago the Scots built a bridge. Below you can see the bridge which famously spans the Atlantic ocean.The bridge is not only functional, but also very pretty. If you look closely at the photo below, you will notice a pink rim across the top. These are fairy foxgloves; a beautiful little wild flower that only seems to grow wild up north.
By the time we'd finished exploring the bridge, we were getting hungry so we retired to the strangely named, Tigh-an-Truish Inn, where we had a very nice meal in the garden. If you are wondering about the name of the Inn, Tigh-an-Truish, actually means 'house of trousers'. It comes from the time after the Jacobite rebellion in 1745 when kilts were banned on the mainland. It is rumoured that inhabitants of Seil Island changed from their kilts into trousers, at the inn, before going onto the mainland.

After our meal we carried on to Easedale, a tiny village with a lovely harbour.
We wandered around a while and immersed ourselves in views of magnificent scenery. Everywhere you look in Easedale there is a stunning view.
Easedale is also the home of the Highland Art Exhibition. It is very difficult to describe, but I will try. The word exhibition is a little misleading because to all intents and purposes, it's a shop. It was started by poet, artist and composer, C J Taylor, who died in 1998. The exhibition displays some of his creative works which are spread throughout a vast assortment of souvenirs. In fact, the place could be described as a big gift shop which revolves around one man's work. We didn't buy anything but we were extremely fascinated. After leaving Easedale we took another road to the other side of the island and ended up at the village of Cuan, where the people of the next island, Luing, catch the small but lively ferry. However,it was late in the day so we didn't bother going over; we turned around and went back to our lodge, happy and satisfied with our day.

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