Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Best Painting Ever

He all,
The storage issue in my workshop finally got resolved, however, I still didn't get back to the lathe.
The reason for this is that I got lashed up with some more commitments. A few months ago we booked a landscape gardener to come and do some slabbing etc in our garden. He said it would be later in the year after a break in Spain. Well he's had that break and he's coming next week which means I have been busy doing a lot of preparatory work, moving plants etc before he comes and does the heavy stuff. The only free time I've had has been in the evenings and all I could mange was this painting.
Its a cracker, even if I do say it myself. I'm chuffed to bits with it. If you want to see how it was done, here is a link to the video I made of the process.

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My next post will include some creativity with wood, and that's a promise.