Tuesday, 22 October 2019

4 whom the bell tolls

Hi all,
Sorry it has been so long since mt last post but I have been busy sorting out the garden after the landscape gardeners had done their stuff. My wife also had me chasing dreams. She decided that we should think about buying a caravan, so to that end we went searching for the perfect model. Eventually we found it and, after a few hours excitement, my wife went off the idea. Ha well, you can't expect dreams to come true at my time of life can you?

Her next decision was to knuckle down and get on with some crafting. She wanted to make a bell out of polymer clay and emboss it with various patterns. So, to keep her happy I volunteered to turn her a wood bell former, thinking that it would make her life easier. Here it is.
She did try it out by wrapping the clay around the bell, but then she found that she couldn't remove it without destroying the shape. So another idea was abandoned. I won't waste the wood though, because I know how fickle she can be, I left the chuck mounting at the bottom. That means I can now put it back on the lathe and turn it into a vase. Hopefully I will show you that in my next post.

The digital art is still going well and I have finished another butterfly painting. This one is of a pair of tortoiseshells.
I like this painting as much as the last one and they are now hanging on the wall together.
If you would like to see how I painted it, I made a short video of the process. Please take a look and if you like it please consider subscribing.
Thanks for watching.