Wood Turnings

I promised myself a woodturning lathe when I got older, but I kept putting it off because I'm a tight fisted old git who hates parting with money. However, with some encouragement from my wife, I bit the bullet and bought a lathe in May 2016. I haven't had any lessons, not even when I was at school, so it was all new to me.

I watched a few you tube videos and carried on from there. Below you will find a few things that I have turned so far. Some have been decorated with pyrography to enhance the wood. If you have any comments or questions, I'd love to hear them.
A pen coloured with wood stain.
A needle pot with pyrography.

A box turned from maple with a rose burnt into the lid.

Another box, this time it has been decorated with oak leaves, acorns and pyrography.

A spinning top and base.
A dish with acorns and pyrography
Apple and pear
A needle pot with pyrography.
A few pens turned from maple with pyrography decoration.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at this selection of things that I have turned since getting my lathe. My head is full of new ideas and, in the future, I will post anything on here that I think is either interesting or remotely artistic.

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  1. You are creating awesome works . Congrats.
    I have almost 2 years in Pyrography but I do it once or twice in week, when I have time cause I work in IT industry in an office every day . I promised myself too to buy my lathe when I'll be retired- when I will have more time.My FB Page is Iasi Pyrograpy - you cans see there some of my work . I am Romanian and my wife is English.
    Happy to see that Pyrography and wood turning is something that wins the heart of people everywhere in in the world .
    Best regards ,

    Marian & Louie Oliver