Thursday, 22 September 2011

Going Potty

Hi all,
Since taking up pyrography in April I've created much more than I ever did when working in watercolour. Today, I've added the eighth precious little trinket box to my website. I think it's my best yet and priced at under a tenner.I can imagine some handsome fellow placing an eternity ring in it and giving it to the love of their lives.

I have also managed to finish and frame a rooster that I've been working on for some time. Sorry this item isn't for sale, I like it so much it is hanging next to my computer.

I am currently working on a clock and should be able to show you that next week. If you are thinking of having a go at pyrography, and have some questions, I would be pleased to answer them if I can. Below you will find the usual links to my websites.
Please click here to see more pyrography.
Please click here for information about my books.

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