Sunday, 25 September 2011


Over the last few days we clocked up a lot of miles touring the West Coast around Oban, so today we decided to stay close to our lodge on Loch Awe. In fact our destination was just a few miles away on the opposite side of the loch. Sitting in the foothills of Ben Cruachan, the highest mountain in the area, we would visit Inverawe Fisheries. We wouldn't be doing any fishing because we had no tackle and although I love angling, game fishing isn't what I do. We would however, take advantage of the visitors centre, the cafe and some of the lovely walks that were on offer.We enjoyed a lovely peaceful walk around several small lakes and stopped every now and again to watch anglers pit their skills against the trout. For those who like game fishing this place is marvellous.Not only are there the already mentioned lakes, but it is also possible to fish a stretch of the scenic river Awe. With regards to walking, there are many nature trails, one of which descends to the shore of Loch Etive. I would like to have taken that walk, but the tiredness that comes with old age, and lack of time, wrestled it from me. Instead, we retired to the cafe, had a light lunch in very pleasant surroundings. Before leaving, we wandered around the visitor's centre and shop for a while and then set off for a leisurely drive back to our lodge. During out journeys to and from our lodge we had passed a bit of an old tree sticking up at the side of the road. It was gnarled and twisted, but put me in mind of a horse's head, so as we were passing it again on our way back I decided to stop the car and photograph it.I was surprised and glad that somebody else had had the same thoughts about this piece of wood because as I got closer I could see that somebody had given it a pair of eyes to make it look even more realistic. We arrived back at our lodge satisfied with our day out and even had enough energy to enjoy a stroll down to the shore where our own private bench awaited us.What a shame this holiday was coming to an end, we only had one day left now, so we'd have to make the most of it.
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