Sunday, 16 January 2011

Writing and proofreading

This year I've decided to divide my time between writing and proofreading. I like to have a plan, even if it is very basic, because it will help me to avoid go around in circles. If there's one thing I can't abide it's going around in circles.
When it comes to planning I often recall the words of my tutor from when I was doing a Post Graduate Diploma in management studies. According to him, planning was all about the 5 Ps: Poor Planning, equals Piss Poor Performance and he was right. If ever you find yourself heading for the deep and smelly, a plan is essential. Doing nothing, or hoping for a bit of luck will usually end in disaster. In my experience, only one thing follows bad luck and that's another big dollop of the same.

So, looking at the year a head I have decide to approach it with an attack on two fronts. The author in me wants to write and publish more books, so I guess that is going to occupy a lot of my time. I am currently proofreading my novel, "Bossyboots" and hope to publish it next month. I also have a semi-autobiographical book, with the working title, "A Staffordshire Boy" that is also waiting to go through the proofreading process. Besides these two books I also have a crime novel in progress, but I've decided it would be better to stop writing that and concentrate on publishing the books I'd already written.

So, this year, my target on the writing front is to finish proofreading and publish the two books that I have already written, and if time allows it would be nice to finish writing and publish my crime novel.

Besides the writing, I will also be providing a proofreading service for others. If you've been following my posts you will know that I like doing courses and last year was no exception. I decided that because proofreading was such a bind when preparing my books for publication, that I'd do a course and learn to do it properly. Well, I started last April and completed the course a week before Christmas. I am now offering my services at special introductory prices and hope that will lead to me getting some real experience. I know that a lot of people may prefer a proofreader who already has a lot of experience, but we've all got to start somewhere. The fact that I am new will mean that I am keen to do a professional job and my clients will also get the benefit of special introductory rates. I think that proofreading and writing make very good partners and no doubt I will be busy one way or the other.

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