Saturday, 29 January 2011

Crucian Carp

I guess a lot of anglers would put the carp in the number one spot because it's a great fish, but I've placed it in bronze position.
There is no doubt that the carp is a good looking fish, especially the crucian pictured on the right. Most anglers love the carp because it provides excellent sport, even the little crucian carp can put up a good scrap on light tackle. It's a shame crucian carp don't grow to the same size as tench because they would be hard to beat. In common with other anglers, the biggest fish I've ever caught was a carp, so why doesn't it doesn't rank higher with me.
Well, I've given the matter some thought and believe that it's because the carp is a relatively new fish. It may surprise some younger anglers to know that before the advent of commercial fisheries, the carp was almost a rarity. The common carp below was caught at Baden Hall, near Stafford. It is now one of the largest fisheries in Europe and stuffed with carp of all sizes.

I can't remember when I caught my first carp, but I think it must have been during late seventies. I suppose if I'd grown up with this fish it would be in my number one spot, and if I had to pick my favourite carp it would go to the crucian. Mirrors, commons and leathers may grow much bigger, but they lack the charm of their smaller cousin.

Although I fished a lot of matches when I was younger, I also liked to do a bit of pleasure fishing and crucian carp were often the main quarry. Many a summer's morning was spent fishing a pool that was surrounded by mature oaks. My pals and I would be the only ones fishing in that rural splendor and we would enjoy some great banter whilst catching a succession of crucians. Punched bread, light tackle and crucian carp; oh how I cherish those memories.
Now if the carp can only make it to number three, I bet your wondering what could be in the top two spots. The answer will be reveal in my next fishing post. Meanwhile,If you want to find out more about me or my books, please click here.
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