Sunday, 19 May 2019

Inlaid pot

Hi all,
With the big gardening jobs behind me I have managed to get creative during the last week. I finished the pot that I've been turning and it came out quite well. The lid is perhaps a little on the big side, it probably should have been slightly smaller, but overall it looks ok. The lid looks better in real life because the angle of the photo has made it look even bigger than it is.
The turquoise inlay looks very nice in the top of the lid and the one around the side looks okay too. If I did it again I would make it a little bit wider but I was worried that I wouldn't have enough turquoise powder to complete it. I shouldn't have worried because I had loads left over but it was too late then. I can't remeber what the wood is, I think it is Panga Pang. but it doesn't matter because I won't bother with it again. It was very hard and created one hell of a lot of dust when I was working it.

If you saw my last post you will know that I'm also working on a carved and pyrographed walking stick. I have drawn on the rest of the flowers and outlined them with the pyrography iron. I have also started carving the stems and leaves.
I used my dremel with a small rosebud shaped burr and it worked very well. It was accurate and quick. I did all of the carving in the garden which makes a change from doing it indoors where I have to have the dust extractor running which is very noisy.

Besides working with wood I've also managed to get another painting done. We have a couple of polyanthus plants at the bottom of our garden.
It's a beautiful little plant with flowers similar to a primrose and I thought it would make a nice painting. You can see how I got on if you watch this short video. I did them on a blck background to make them stand out.

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Thanks for looking in.

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