Friday, 18 August 2017

Wooden Jewelry

Hi All,
My wife's birthday came and went last week. I bought her a few presents that she'd ordered from me to save me getting the wrong thing. I remember once buying my ex wife a tartan shopping bag for her birthday and she wasn't impressed, in fact, she was a bit rude about my efforts. Who knows, it may have even started the slippery slope towards our divorce.

Anyway, my new wife isn't taking any chances with my present buying skills so she put her orders in and I just buy as I'm told. However, I do like to give her a bit of a surprise, so this time I thought I'd made her some wooden jewelry. She doesn't do sparkling bling stuff, which really suited me because I'm fresh out of diamonds.

I did her two jewelry sets, which consisted of a pair of earrings and a matching pendant. Here is my first effort.
They are turned from lime with burnt lines top and bottom. Between those lines I used my pyrography iron to burn some chequered squares which I then coloured in with Chestnut wood stains. They were then finished with several coats of melamine lacquer. As with the next set, I presented them with just the eye on top of each piece so that she could add her own findings.

The next set featured more pyrography with a leaf design on the front and back of each earring as well as on the pendant.
She was well pleased with my efforts which is a plus because I enjoyed making them. Turning small items really suits me so I've purchased a book with more wooden jewelry project in it. I won't copy them exactly, but adapt them for decoration with pyrography and stains.

Before that I'm going to get back to making some pens to get a couple of ideas out of my head.

Buy the way, there is more excitement because I have sold my big lathe and a smaller one is stiing in my workshop ready for setting up. It should be done in time for my next post so I will show you some pics of it then. Along with a couple of pens I hope.

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