Saturday, 2 July 2016

Spice of Life

Hi all,
I was just beginning to get going with my wood turning, but there is always something to get in the way of progress. The garden seems to need a constant amount of tending and I am also the chief bread maker in our house. We finished up making our own bread after a failed mission to our usual local artisan baker, who for reason known unto them, thought it was acceptable to have a snot laden lad with a heavy cold doing the serving. My wife watched as he licked his fingers to open the plastic bag into which he deposited the loaf for the customer who was being served.

This was unacceptable, so my wife walked out and ordered a bread maker from Amazon. That was in December last year and I've been making bread ever since. Lovely stuff it is too and thoroughly recommended.

Anyway, I was about to turn another lidded box when my wife decided that she wanted a small spice rack making. I set to with the scroll saw and knocked her something up from bits of scrap wood I had lying about the workshop. I also carved some leaves to differentiate it from a shop bought spice rack. The leaves were also decorated with some pyrography.
My wife thinks it is super, so I gained a few brownie points. After the spice rack I was free to get on with my next box but I'm afraid I had a bit of a catastrophe. I had a catch of mega proportions because I was a bit clumsy when approaching the wood with my skew chisel. The result was that, as well as almost giving me a second heart attack, it took a great big chunk of wood out of my project.
Ah well, we all learn by our mistakes, thankfully the wood didn't come flying out of the lathe and break my nose or knock some of my teeth out. Hopefully I have learned a lesson and will be more careful in the future.

Unfortunately, by the time I had turned the wood down to get rid of the marks made by the catch it was too small for a box. so I would have to turn it (no pun intended) into something else. All will be revealed in my next post.

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