Sunday, 11 January 2015

Peacock Prography

Hi all,
Things have been a bit slow in my workshop so far this year because the place is colder than an Eskimo's mitt. To pass the time I've been doing a little marquetry which can be done indoors. I've done a bit and I will show you that in my next post. In the meanwhile, I thought I'd show you what my wife's been up to.

We visited a small cafe before Christmas to have a little lunch. I won't go into the details but we weren't impressed, not least because the girl who was serving was the only person running the place. She did the lot, taking orders, serving, washing up and she did the cooking. The net result was that the food wasn't great and in the time it took to arrive I could have made a model of London Bridge from kangaroo teeth.

However, whilst trying to ignore the hunger pains we both noticed a nice drawing of a peacock on the wall. Wouldn't that make a nice subject for a bit of pyrography we thought, whereupon my wife took a photo of it with her phone.

A couple of days later she asked me to cut her a piece of plywood and, in that same afternoon, she did the pyrography picture of the peacock and painted it.
We got a frame from a charity shop and the picture is now hanging proudly on the wall. She said it was a changing from making clay flowers and she really enjoyed doing it. That's the thing about pyrography, it is a simple form or art that it brings quick rewards. I've been enjoying some scroll sawing and inlay work, but the biggest pleasure still comes from pyrography. To that end I'm going to do some marquetry but incorporate pyrography into it. I will tell you more about that in my next post.

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