Thursday, 17 October 2013

Walnut box finished at last

Hi all, sorry about the delay in getting this post out, but we are hoping to move house soon and preparations for that are not only abundant, but they they also have priority.

Anyway, here's how I finished the walnut box. After sticking the fronts and sides together I did a design for the lid that carried on with the fuchsia theme.
I left a small space in the middle for a knob which I had intended to make from clay. However, rolling a small ball of clay into a perfectly round sphere is something beyond me, and, seeing as I wanted the box to look special, I decided to make one out of a tiny bit of scrap walnut.

Cutting the lid on the scroll saw required a lot of concentration because in some places the design called for narrow pieces of wood. Still it all went well and I was soon burning in the fuchsias with my pyrography iron. Once that was done I gave the whole box a rub down with fine sand paper and then a coat of sanding sealer.

The box was finally finished with three coats of varnish and some nice felt was stuck to the bottom by an expert box felter (my wife) who does a fantastic job.
Here is the finished box prior to the felting. I was going to sell it on folksy, but like a lot of stuff I have been doing recently, my wife bagsied it for the house. Ah well, you can't win them all. My next project is another box that will be made from Mahogany. It will have an apple blossom design and will have a lid which has been inlaid with clay.

If I can just get on top of these moving house tasks, I hope to show it to you soon.

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