Sunday, 9 June 2013

Something Different

Hi All,
It has become apparent to me that I have been letting my pyrography slip a little lately. Not that I've been doing any bad work but I seem to have been recreating and replacing stocks and generally treading water.

So it's time to do something a bit different and here is what I have been working on during the last week. It is only about 50% complete so a lot of work still to do.
At this point Rolf Harris would probably say "Do you know what it is yet." The answer of course, is a green man.  So why a green man you may ask?

Well my step daughter is getting married later in the year and is having a 'Pagan Handsfasting' ceremony in a barn. She and her friends are decorating the barn and she asked my wife to help. Anyway, to cut a long story short, my wife started looking at Pagan symbols and became intrigued. She showed me a few and that is where the inspiration to do a green man in pyrography came from.

The design is done to fit a 10 inch diameter plaque and this was quite a challenge. The main issue being because my printer and scanner are only A4 size and I wanted to make the features on both side of the face symmetrical. So here is how I went about it.

I lined up the centre of the plaque with the left hand side of a piece of A4 paper, so that I could get one side of the face completely on the paper. Then I did the design in pencil with lots of rubbing out until I got something I was happy with. By the way I know I've mentioned it before, but when doing a lot of line work like this, an electric eraser is almost essential.

I then scanned the image into photoshop and saved it into a folder. Next, I printed a copy of the right hand side of the face and then I flipped the image through 180 degrees and then printed the left hand side of the face.

Then I stuck the two sides of the face together and cut around the edge of the image which gave me the face to transfer onto the plaque in the normal way. I am hoping that it will turn out as well as expected and in my next post I will show you the finished article.

If you have any question please feel free to e-mail me or put a comment on here

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