Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Pemrokeshire Plaque

Hi All,
I mentioned a few months ago that I never intended going down the personalisation route with my pyrography, but I succumbed when a friend ask me to do a plaque for him. Some years earlier he'd walked the Coast To Coast footpath and wanted a plaque personalised with pyrography to commemorate the occasion.  Anyway, I did a design that he liked and burnt him the plaque. I was pleased with the result and advertised this new service on my pyrography website, but didn't really expect much of a response.
Perhaps you can imagine my surprise when I did get enquires from walkers who liked it and wanted to order one. In fact, the last order I took was from a lady in the Netherlands who wanted one for herself and another for her friend. She was very pleased.

Anyway, I like to make people happy, so I have done another design for the Pembrokeshire Coastal path which runs for 186 miles between Amroth and St Dogmaels. I like this part of the world and have taken my holidays there quite often. This made it easy to come up with some icons to represent the area.  First, I did the old lifeboat station at Tenby which I am sure sticks in the minds of many walkers. However, I guess the star attraction is the magnificent St David's Cathedral that I can remember visiting on a warm September day a few years ago. I also remember walking along the coast to see the ancient stones of Carreg Samson, so I included that as well.
Hopefully, this will also strike a chord with any walkers who have undergone this magnificent achievement. The above is a sketch of how I expect the plaque to look once I have attacked it with my pyrography iron. I will be charging £25 for each plaque, which when you consider the cost of the blank plaque and the time it takes, is good value for money.
Special Offer
Because I don't want to waste time and effort burning a plaque with a false name on it, I am offering to do the first one in the series for half price. So if you know anybody who has completed this challenge please let them know about it. Once burnt, a photo of the plaque with their name on it will be glorified on my website for all to see and their achievement to be admired. If you would like to see large versions of the plaques, which measure 10 inches by 6 inches please visit my website.
In my next pyrography post I will be doing a small chest trinket box and I will take you through it step by step.

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