Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pyrography Commission

Hi All, Since I started doing a bit of pyrography, about a year ago, I have been asked on several occassions if I would do a commission. One person wanted me to personnalise the handles of a set of hunting knives for them. Anyway, I didn't fancy it so I politely declined their request. I guess the main reason I haven't been doing commissions is that since leaving a factory environment I'd become used to doing what I want, when I want, and taking a commission would be like working for somebody else. I now make most of my living from writing, (pittance is the word that springs to mind) so I have total control over how I spend my time - well not quite, but I won't go into that now. If you would like to check out my books, here is the link. Right, let's get back to the plot. Recently, I was asked by a friend if I'd do him a plaque to commmemorate his achievement of doing the Coast to Coast Walk, from St Bees Head in Cumbria, to Robin Hood's bay in Yorkshire. The walk covers a distance of about 190 miles according to Wainwright and 192 according to other sources. He'd done the walk some years ago and always wanted a plaque but he never got around to it. Actually, he was probably too busy walking up and down mountains in Scotland. This chap is also a Munroe bagger, a name that is used to describe the thousands of enthusiasts who want to walk up and down every Scottish mountain that is over 3000ft high. There are about 284 of them and I think he is about halfway through the list. By the way, when he isn't rambling across the Highlands or the Northern Pennines, he is a gardener who specialises in drystone walling. He hasn't been doing the drystone walling for long but he is very good and one of the top men in the area. If you would like see what a good bit of walling looks like, take a look here. Anyway, I agreed to do him the plaque if he gave me some details. So he sent me an email giving me the date of his walk and asked me to include a rucksack, some boots and a bit of drystone walling. Below is what I sent back for his approval before I started the pyrography burning process.
I am glad to say that he's given me the go ahead and I will do the pyrography on it soon and post a picture of the finished article on here. If you would like to see some more of pyrography work, please click here.

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