Monday, 9 January 2012

Burning Desire

Hi all,
This is my new blog which replaces "A Sassenach's View of Scotland," I couldn't do anymore of those because I've run out of material. If ever I get the chance to go on holiday ever again, Scotland will be my destination and I will give you a blow by blow account.
In the meanwhile, I hope to entertain you with information about pyrography and other forays into the world of art. On the subject of art, I saw a report on last night's news that said that people who were involved in any sort of art felt better and visited the doctor less often than those who are not interested in the subject. I can see how that could work, but given my general state of health, it must mean that if I wasn't doing a bit of art work I'd have one foot in the grave.
So what is pyrography, I hear you ask.
Well, it's nothing complicated that's for sure because if it was I wouldn't be doing it. I've had enough stress in my life to scuttle a battleship and I've got stents in my heart to prove it. For me, hobbies must be free of stress, so I guess skydiving missed its chance.
Pyrography, literally means, writing with fire, but in reality it means using something that looks similar to a soldering iron to burn pictures into wood, like the one on the right of a woodpecker.
Pyrography has got lots of advantages over other forms of art, especially when it comes down to cost. Once you have purchased a pyrography iron all you need are some bits of wood to work on. There is no need to keep spending money on paint and brushes etc. Another advantage of pyrography is that it doesn't take up much room. I've tried painting in oils, acrylics and watercolours but they take up a lot of space and time. To paint properly one needs a big space for the paints, pots of water and mixing pallets etc, whereas with pyrography all you need is the iron and the lump of wood you are working on. No time is wasted on, changing pots of water or cleaning pallets, with pyrography I just sit down and get on with it instantly.

If ever you've thought of doing something arty but you can't be bothered with getting all the kit out, pyrography might be just the thing to try.

I have only been doing pyrography as a hobby since last April, but I'm very pleased with what I've produced so far and have also sold a few items. Okay, the profits may be small, but if I can get my hobby to pay for itself then I'm happy enough with that.

In future pyrography posts I will explain where I get my wood from and how I go about my projects. For now, I'll leave you with one of my latest creations, a nice little pot that is perfect for giving a ring to a loved one on Valentines day.
If you have any questions about pyrography, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
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