Saturday, 4 June 2011

Ardrishaig and Ellary

Hi all,
Time flies when you are on holiday and it was Tuesday already. Yesterday we went north, so today a change of direction was called for, so we decided to go south and explore the top end of the Mull of Kintyre. We did a little shopping in Lochgilphead and then followed the bank of Loch Gilp to Ardrishaigh. We took a short stroll along the front and then went in search of a venue for lunch.As it happened we didn't have to look far as a nice little restaurant called the Grey Gull, which sat in an elevated position overlooking the loch, caught our attention. We soon found ourselves at a window table and after we'd chosen from an extensive menu we watched a gang of gannets plunging into the loch looking for some food of their own. We had the Moroccan lamb and it was delicious. Fully satisfied, we carried on along the bank of Loch Fynne and then turned right, to head across the peninsular. This was a single track road and the area was very sparsely populated. We stopped often to stretch our dog's legs and take photographs of the scenery and anything else that caught our attention.
By the time we'd reached the small village of Lochead, we'd seen some wonderful scenery which in places was saturated with primroses.
Eventually we came to the tip of Loch Caolisport where we picnicked in perfect isolation and took photos of a clutch of cormorants as they stretched there wings to dry.
Having had our batteries charged, by nothing more than peace and quiet, we carried on along the loch to Ellary which is a small hamlet in a very special setting. Remote would be a good description, with a large proportion of the the few cottages being used for holiday lets. As we turned and headed back along the road whence we came I couldn't help but wonder why the road hadn't been continued around the headland and into loch Sween. We were only a few miles from our holiday lodge as the crow flies, but there was only one road into Ellary and it stopped there. We'd just have to take the thirty mile journey back the way we came and take in the beautiful scenery from the opposite direction and I'll leave you with a picture of that.
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