Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Ugliest Fish

Hi all,
I managed to find time to get my rods out again last week and I'm pleased to report that I had a good day's sport. However, one of the fish I caught was the ugliest fish I've ever seen. I've included a photograph so that you can see what I mean.
The sad thing from my point of view is that I couldn't even recognise the species; this is especially embarrasing seeing how I not only write about the subject of fishing, but have also written and published a book on the subject.

I know some fisheries are stocking their waters with some exotic fish like ghost carp so perhaps it was one of those. I've never seen or caught a ghost carp so I guess I can be excused for not recognising one of them. The thing certainly looked ghost like to me.

Parts of it also looked sort of gold fish like, especially where the colouring wasn't faded. If it wasn't a big goldfish or a ghost carp, then I guess it could've been a very ugly orf. I know that some waters stock this species and indeed I caught one of them back in the 60's from a lake at Woburne Abbey. This was the same day that Edgar, my brother, hooked me through the cheek with a size ten. I was only a lad at the time and because it was a barbed hook (they all were in those days) I was taken to the doctors to have it removed. But, that as they say is another story and one that I may tell you about in a future post. Anyway, back to the the ugliest fish in the world. If anybody reading this post can identify the fish concerned perhaps they'd let me know what it is and I'll pass the information on to those who are as ignorant as me.

Having told you about the ugliest fish ever, it might also be worth mentioning that during the same session, I also caught a fish that I think is strikingly handsome. If ever they had a miss world contest for coarse fish, I'm sure this one would take the crown. Most anglers have there favourite species, and I'm no exception, so in my next fishing post I'll give you a run down of my top ten.

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