Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A Glitch in Distribution

Hi all,

Those of you who are following my writing posts may have noticed that the content recently has concentrated on fishing and Scotland. The reason for this is that I was hoping by now to be able to announce that my new book is available from Amazon and other on line retailers, but it is with some disappointment that I have to report that some thing's gone wrong in the distribution department. I am trying to get it sorted out and hopefully my book "Writing: How to get Started as a Freelance Writer Plus a Guide to Self-Publishing & POD" will be available soon.

I suppose I should've expected something to go wrong because the rest of the self-publishing process went as smooth as clockwork. If the book is made available before the end of this month it will have only taken 9 months from blank page to publication. I think that's pretty good as it can take longer to have a baby, and by comparison, writing the book was completely painless. I believe it's possible to write and self-publish a quality book in less than three months, if you get stuck in.

I know lots of people say they want to write a book, and they probably could. However, any would be author should not underestimate the commitment that is required. Writing a book isn't for the faint hearted; you can't do a bit then leave it for a while because if you do, it will never get finished.

I have written four books in total and I can tell you that the only way to write one is to have some discipline. Whether you do it part time or full time is of no consequence, but you must get stuck in and write every day. When I wrote my first book, I set myself a minimum of 6000 words a week and wrote for two hours almost every night. I kept a spreadsheet so that I could keep an accurate tally of words produced and used it to charter my progress. I am pleased to say that every week I hit my target and most weeks I surpassed it.

So if you want to write a book there is absolutely nothing stopping you, all you need is will power. Sit down every day and write until it is finished, don't go back and start editing it because you will lose the flow. When the book is completely written you can edit and proofread it until it is perfect, but finish writing it first.

My first non-fiction book, "Fishing: Learn from The Tips and Laugh at the Tales" is available from amazon etc and a free sample download is available from my website.

I hope the distribution problem with my writing book is sorted out soon and will let you know via this post when it's available. For those of you who are interested in Scotland my next post will be about Port Patrick, which must surely be one of the most picturesque harbour towns in the Rhinns.

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