Friday, 23 July 2010

Writing & the Freelance Writer

Hi all,
There's good news on the writing front and I'd like to share it with you in this and my next writing post. I've just had the proof copy of my book about writing delivered from the printers and I'm busy going through it looking for any silly mistakes.

A copy of the front cover can be seen on the right and I have to say that I'm quite proud of the design because it's all my own work. The title of the book, "Writing: How to get Started as Freelance Writer plus a Guide to Self-Publishing and POD" was the cause of much indecision. It's a long title, and perhaps slightly unwieldy, but I was adamant that it should tell any would be purchaser what it was about.

It is in fact a book of 2 parts; the first explains how anybody should go about establishing themselves as a freelance writer while the second part deals with self-publishing and POD.

This is the book that I wished I'd been able to find when I set out on the road to become a freelance writer. It would have saved me loads of time and money.
There are many pitfalls waiting to trap the would be freelance writer, they don't look menacing, but they can waste time and sap the writer's confidence.

I took up freelance writing 7 years ago, so I'm well placed to understand what can go wrong, and know how easy it is for any would be freelance writer to get side tracked. I will be the first to admit that I made quite a few mistakes and wasted a whole lot of time, perhaps as much as a couple of years. I sincerely believe that this book will guide prospective freelance writers in the right direction and help them get established as quickly as possible.

There are just too many opportunities in the current market place and and this gives the would be freelance writer too many choices. He or she is apt to go off chasing one writing opportunity after another and end up like a boat with a broken rudder. To be a success as a freelance writer, it is necessary to plot ones course and then follow it regardless of what direction the wind is currently coming from. This is the best way to achieve your ambitions.

I am hopeful that this book will help those who read it, to get published, get paid and also see a clear way forward at the start of their new career.

I will explain what the second part of the book is about in my next writing post, but again it is written with the objective of saving the reader time and money. In fact, it shows the reader how they can self-publish their book for less then £10 , so that can't be bad can it.
If you would like a pre-published copy of "Writing: How to get Started as a Freelance Writer Plus A Guide to Self-Publishing & POD" you can order one through my website..Click Here
These pre-published copies will be available at a discounted price so please take advantage while you can as once the book is published it will cost about 20% more. It would make sense to make those savings now and be one of the first to gain the benefits from this book

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