Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Glenwhan Gardens

We are still in the south west corner of Scotland and there is so much to see and do that we may be there for a while. One of the main attractions that sees visitors returning here, year after year, is the sheer quantity of beautiful gardens that are open to the public.

In last week's post we visited Ardwell House Garden and found it quite charming. This week however, we will stay closer to our base, on the Isle of Whithorn, and take a look around Glenwhan Gardens, which can be seen above.

Glenwhan Gardens are the opposite to Ardwell House Gardens in respect to altitude. Ardwell House Gardens are situated almost at sea level, on the east side of the Mochars, whilst Glenwhan gardens sit in splendour high above Luce Bay. The view from the top of this garden is simply stunning.

Glenwhan gardens have been a labour of love for the creators and they are rightly proud of what they have created from what was previously a wilderness. I would describe Glenwhan Gardens as being a series of delightful paths, that meander between pools, mounds and flower beds. Watch out too for some odd, but delightful, garden ornaments as you walk around. The hog, seen below, bought a smile to our faces because it resembles somebody we know.

Each area of planting has been carefully worked out to ensure that all of the plants are shown at their best. It is easy to see that the garden has been created with care and will delight the casual visitor and ardent gardeners by equal amounts.

Once you've taken a stroll around this heavenly place you will be pleased to know that there is also a tearoom. Here you will receive a warm welcome and be able to enjoy some home baking.

All in all, we really enjoyed our visit to Glenwhan and hope to repeat the experience next time we are in the area. In my next post about Scotland we will visit Logan Botanical Gardens, which is another gem.

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