Thursday, 17 June 2010

Fishing and crayfish

Hi all,

I've managed to get out fishing three times this year which is pretty good, because last year I only managed the same number of fishing sessions in 12 months.

The results of my fishing expeditions this year have been mixed, although I did manage to break one of my own records. No it wasn't a monster carp it was something much sadder. I managed to catch 2 signal crayfish on my first day out, and they were the first fish I caught as well. I don't know about you, but when I'm fishing I'm not to bothered about what species I catch, or how big they are. Fishing is fishing and as long as I'm catching I'm as happy as a chub with a bun. However, signal crayfish aren't what I paid my day ticket money to catch. I asked the bailiff at the water why they didn't get somebody to come and remove some of the crayfish. There are companies on the Internet who will come and take a load away for free. Apparently, they sell the crayfish to posh London restaurants because the punters down their can't get enough of them. I suppose crayfish is a welcome change from a dish of jellied eels down at the old bull and bush.

As far as fish are concerned; I've had some nice bream, a few carp both common and mirror going to about 5lbs. I've also had a nice tench and even a lovely still water barbel. I'd say it's been a fair to middling start to the fishing season at least catch wise.

Now, I'd like to get something of my chest. There appears to be a growing lack of respect for other angler's peace and quite when fishing. I've been a match angler, and I am used to fishing with people on both sides of me and that is great. However, I am now a bit older, and I prefer a bit of peace and quiet when I'm fishing. I am sure I'm not alone in this quest either.

Anyway, I've slowed down a lot since my heart attack, and my wife now comes with me to carry a bit of tackle, keep an eye on my blood pressure and keep me supplied with refreshments. She doesn't do any fishing, she sits behind me and reads a book, or just watches the wildlife.

Because we both like a bit of peace when fishing we choose to go during the week when it is quieter, and we go to one of the biggest fisheries in the country. This place has several big pools so there should be plenty of room, well so you'd think.

Have you ever parked in a nice quiet spot somewhere and some prat comes and parks next to you when there are acres of space elsewhere. It's happened to me on more than one occasion. Well this year it's happened whilst I've been fishing.

Fishing session 1
My wife and I took a leisurely drive around the several pools at the fishery. Picking the right spot is vital not just for the fishing but also to sooth our troubled souls. On the day in question it wasn't particularly busy, and as it was about 9:30 we reckoned that most people who would be going fishing would already be at their pegs.

Anyway we came to a large rectangular pool that we'd fished before and nobody else was fishing it. So we got the kit out and went onto the second peg from the corner and tackled up. All was well with the world, well almost as I mentioned earlier my first 2 fish of the season were crayfish. However, that was quickly followed by a nice carp of about 3lbs. Things were looking up until a bloke pulled up in his car, he jumped out and set up on the peg next to us, right in the corner. I felt like telling him to push off because not a single other peg on the pool was taken.

"Alright if I fish here mate?" he asked, "I won't disturb you will I."

"No I suppose not," I said whilst trying to sound just a tad pissed off with him.
If I'd known then how it was going to turn out I would have said something on the lines of.
"Actually I do mind, as the rest of the pool empty why don't you shove off and fish somewhere else you ignorant bastard." But I didn't because I'm a gentleman.

Anyway,he didn't take the hint. He set up two rods with large swim feeders and started fishing. I say fishing, every time he cast out it was more a kin to depth charging a submarine such was the splash that was made by his end tackle. Now that in itself might have been bad enough for a float man like me, but this guy also had a runaway mouth. He just couldn't stop talking, well I'll call it talking, it was mostly inane banter and mutterings. Another peculiar thing about this man was that he couldn't keep still. There I was sitting peacefully in my chair while Johnny in the corner, was up and down and going round and round like a whirling dervish

My wife couldn't read her book, and I couldn't drift off into my own little world as I usually do when fishing, because every few minutes we'd be interrupted by the fool fishing on the next peg. He would either ask a pointless question or mutter something to himself.

I suppose we'd been fishing for about three hours when the twit looked across to us and spoke those unforgettable words.
"Nice to have some peace and quiet innit."

It was by far the least peaceful fishing session we have ever had, and hoped that the next one would be better. I can tell you now that it wasn't, and I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait for my next fishing blog to find out what happened.

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