Sunday, 7 April 2019


Hi all,
I'm afraid I haven't done any woodturning or carving this week because my wife has had me busy in the garden. Our neighbours cut down a lovely big hedge that gave us a lot of privacy.  Despite us putting up a new tall fence we still had a view of other people's washing and trampolines.

Here is picture that shows the hedge on the right.
To get some privacy back we decided that I would build a free standing trellis a couple of feet from the fence. This would be covered by growing the very rampant Belvedere rose over it.
Here is the trellis.

You can see how this will work, even without the rose it feels a lot better to not be overlooked. Digging the holes for the posts was the hardest bit of the job. I enjoyed cutting all the lathes because it gave me a chance to use the cheap chopsaw I got recently from screwfix. Very good it was too.
Anyway, I've had little time for anything creative except for a bit more digital art that I do in the evenings.
Here is my latest painting of some harebells and a blue butterfly that I have done for my youtube channel, "The Armchair Artist."
I hope you enjoy watching it. If you do please consider subscribing because I want to share them with as many people as possible.

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