Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Hi all,
I've just finished a pyrography project that gained me some more brownie points from the other half. A few weeks ago she decided it was time for me to redecorate our bedroom. She wanted three plain walls and one with wall paper. So, we set about the finest wall paper shops Stafford has to offer in the hope of finding two rolls of paper that would do the wall proud.

Well I don't know what's happened to wall paper design, but from our view point it is pretty grim. Most of it looks like the pattern was stolen from a couple of ties that I had the audacity to wear in conjunction with a blue velvet  jacket in the seventies. No wonder so may high street shops are closing down and and being replaced with charity emporiums. They seem to have lost any sort of individualism. One would have though it impossible to homogonise wall paper but they have.

Anyway, a year before, my wife purchased some lovely vintage wall paper from Ebay and so it was no surprise when she turned to them again.

"I've found a couple of rolls of very nice paper with ducks on it," she said to me. My immediate thoughts were that our bedroom was going to look like Hilda Ogden,s parlour, but these fears soon dissolved away when the paper turned up. It didn't take long to hang and it looks very nice when it was finished. The only problem was that the first morning when I woke up I thought I was in Hitchcock's film about the birds.
Once the bedroom was finished there was only one problem. Our linen basket didn't have a lid. And it spoiled the ambiance to have to look at socks and other bits of underwear every time you entered or left the room. So, I had an idea. I cut a piece of 4mm plywood to fit the top of the basket screwed a knob in the middle and then set about it with my pyrography iron.

At first I was stuck for a pattern; flowers and butterflies came to mind, but then I realised the image was staring me straight in the face. I used the ducks on the wall paper for inspiration and they came out pretty well.
My wife was well chuffed when she saw it and I'm an hero again. Not sure what my next project will be, but if you would like to see more of my pyrography work please click here to go to my website.

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