Monday, 13 January 2014

Band Saw Box

Hi all,
We are still waiting to move house, so once again this post is coming from a precarious hot spot.
In my last post, I showed you a drawing of a band saw box that I was going to attempt. Well I've finished it and I'm very pleased with the result.

Until recently I'd never heard of a band saw box, so I looked it up on Google. I was quite amazed by what I saw, so I watched a few being made on You Tube.

These boxes are supposed to be made, as the name suggests, on a band saw because it has a much greater depth of cut than a scroll saw. Anyway, I wanted to make a band saw box but there was no way I was going to lash out on a band saw because a decent one costs serious money. So, I would have to do it with my scroll saw which according to some people couldn't be done.

Well here is a picture of my finished box. It could have probably taken a little more time on the finish, but seeing as this was my first attempt at a band saw box and that I'd used

 a cheap piece of pine from B&Q and there is a limit to how much sanding I wanted to do. Now, if you are wondering why there is a difference between making a band saw box on a band saw and making one on a scroll saw, here are the differences.

To make a band saw box on a band saw, you first laminate or stick several pieces of wood together to form a block onto a which design is stuck and then the box it cut out in several piece.

Doing it on a scroll saw is different in as much as the design is stuck onto several pieces of wood which are then cut out and then stuck together. Greater care needs to be taken when doing on a scroll saw because each cut needs to be identical. Having said that a lot of the skill comes in the sanding because it here that band saw box takes on a look of its own.

If you own a scroll saw it is worth giving it a go because the results can be spectacular.
If you need more information on how it is done please let me know and I will get back to you when a hotspot allows. Who knows, by the time I make my next post I might even have moved, but that would probably be too much to hope for after 18 weeks of waiting.

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