Friday, 16 November 2012

Pyrography In Full Colour

Hi, I don't know if it's the the shorter days,  but time seems to be flying. I've been so busy trying to get another book ready for publishing that I have neglected my pyrography. In fact, I haven't picked my pyrography iron up for nearly two weeks.

That being the case, I haven't got any new pyrography work to share with you. However, I do have a big treat for you. I may have been busy with other jobs but my wife has been creating yet another masterpiece, so I thought you might like to see that.

She only took to the pyrography iron a few months ago but she is fast becoming an expert. In fact, she's so good I think she would be better at writing this blog than me.

Anyway, I'll show you what she's been up to. We used to be avid visitors of stately homes and have always admired the fine paintings that adorned the walls. My wife was always drawn to those small, still life pictures that were favoured by Dutch artists and this is where she got the inspiration for her latest work.

It is a still life picture that she first burnt using her pyrography iron and then painted with watercolour paints. I think the effect is amazing.
The pyrography and the water colour paints seems to work together really well and the colours just zing out. The other good thing about doing this type of picture with pyrography is that it doen't need glass. This means that the picture can be seen from any angle because there are no reflections from other windows, the light or the telly. I know you can get non reflective glass, but I find that it makes it like you're viewing something through a cludgy window.
Regarding my own pyrography work, I have just started on a new design which is a bit of a change of direction for me and I'm very excited about it. In my next post I will show you the design and the pyrography in progress.
Just one last thing before I leave this post. You are probably aware that beside doing pyrography I am also an author. If any of you have a kindle you might like to know that I have a free book promotion running until Midnight on Saturday 17th of November. If you would like a free copy of my book, "No Fishing In Here: Just Short Stories please click on the link below.

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