Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Little Pot

Hi all,

Sorry this post is a bit late, but I've been busy working on my next book. However, I have had a short break and managed to get the pyrography iron out. Because I wanted to get a quick result I decided to have a go at a trinket pot.

I love these little pots because they look great, even before they have been worked on. Anyway, a few months ago I did one of these pots with a daisy design on it and it looked really good. In fact, it sold almost as quickly as I put it on the website. So I decided to do another.

I drew the daises on the pot - three on the lid and four on the sides - by hand. Then I burnt them in with my pyrography iron. Once that was done, I used my pyrography iron to follow the grain of the wood to enhance it. When this was complete, I used the iron to shade in some areas of the pot to darken it and give it a rich look. I took particular care to darken the wood around the daisies because they would be painted white and the contrast would make them stand out. If you want your pyrography design to be successful, it is important to put light next to dark and vice versa.

Once I'd finished the pyrography part, I painted the petals of the daisies with acrylic paint. White for the petals and yellow for the centres. Once dry I gave the whole thing three coats of lacquer and my wife covered the base inside and out with a nice dark brown felt.

The finished item can be seen below.

There is very little profit to be had in doing one of these small pots because I sell them very cheaply. However, I do get a lot of satisfaction from creating something nice. It isn't all about the money, if I didn't get any satisafaction I wouldn't bother getting my pyrography iron out.

For my next project I'm going to have a go at an Iris pattern for another table centre piece. Hopefully it will be finished before my next post.

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