Saturday, 10 December 2011

Dunnet Head

Hi all,
Last week saw us half-way around our circular tour to John o Groats and back. I will pick up the story from where we left it at Dunnet Head which is the most northerly point of mainland Scotland.
After leaving Dunnet Head we followed the coast road for about 25 miles miles, through the lovely little town of Thurso and eventually came to the outskirts of Portskerra where we turned left and headed back to our lodge in Lairg. We were going into what is known as, The Flow Country, an area of peaty bog that stretches for thousands of square miles.The next bit of road we'd travel on was classed as an 'A road', but if it was around our way, it would be called a lane. This, the A897 was the remotest bit of road I'd ever driven on in my life. Miles and miles of moorland stretched in every direction and if you passed a car going in the other direction you waved because it was nice to know you weren't the only people on earth. We would have to get used to being on our own because it would be 38 miles before we reached civilisation again in Helmsdale. Actually, I tell a lie, after about fifteen miles of wilderness we came to a place called Forsinard, where the railway line crosses the road. It has a station and a nice looking hotel, but that's about it. It reminded me of one of those frontier towns you used to see in the old western films and half expected some tumble weed to bounce down the road to greet us.We really enjoyed our trip through the remote Flow Country; we stopped every now and again for a cup of tea out of our jumbo flask and we walked our dog. We also stopped every now and again to photograph herds of wild dear that were often found grazing along the side of the road.By the time we'd got back to our lodge it was late evening and the mist was beginning to sweep across the mountain range opposite our lodge. We'd had a great day out and seen Scotland at its best.
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