Sunday, 27 November 2011

Top of the World

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Continuing our journey around the north eastern tip of Scotland we soon found ourselves descending the gentle slope that has led a multitude of travellers to John o Groats. This is a fascinating place where visitors buzz about the place like wasps on a jam sandwich. To be truthful it isn't very big; there is a ferry terminus a few shops and the well known posers signpost.
We didn't linger too long in John o Groats because we needed to find a peaceful place to have our picnic. Taking a narrow road we headed up to Duncansby Head which is on the very tip of the north east of Scotland. We parked the car facing the sea and had glorious views over perfectly blue and smooth sea to the Island of Stroma. On that day, and in that weather I don't think there was a better place on the planet. I've called this post, 'Top of the World' because that's how it felt to be sitting at the tip of Scotland looking over a vast blue ocean. (The photo below doesn't do it an ounce of justice.)
Having finished our picnic, we were interested in some signs we'd seen pointing to Duncansby Stacks somewhere across the headland. It was time to stretch our legs so we thought we'd take a look. I guess it was a about a mile half there and back but well worth the walk. Two great pinnacles of rock could be seen sticking up from the sea that strangely put me in mind of a bra that Madonna wore in one of her videos.
The Stacks also provide a home for thousands of seabirds and it was great to watch them soaring around the cliff tops. My wife stood well back as she took the picture below because those cliffs are very high.

However, all great things come to an end and mindful of the fact that we were a long way from our lodge we set off to our next destination. Now, you may think that John o Groats marks the most northern bit of Scotland, but it doesn't, that accolade falls to Dunnet Head which is about 15 miles further along the coast. Compared with John o Groats and the magnificent Duncansby Head, Dunnet Head comes as a bit of a disappointment.
Don't get me wrong, it's still a nice place and the romoteness in which it sits gives it a certain charm but having little in the way of altitude the visitor is unable to glean the best view from what is undoutably a fine spot. The picture below is of me walking our dog just about as far north as you can get on the Scottish mainland.

Dunnet head marked the half-way spot in the days trip and as it was now mid afternoon we reluctantly got back into our car to start the long journey back to our lodge in Rogart.
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If you live in the Stafford area you could be forgiven for if the title of this post reminds you of the night club that, on a Saturday night, sat in it's own pool of detritus in Stafford. The establishment was always known to me and my friends as Top of the Grot and I think that just about summed it up.

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