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Man cannot live by pyrography alone. Well I can't, not because of my skills but because I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. This means that when I hold my pyrography iron for long periods of time, my fingers get acute pins and needles and that isn't useful when I'm burning something delicate.

So, what I do is this. When I am burning a piece of wood, I am busy creating characters and plots for the book I am currently working on. I always keep a notepad at the side of my pyrography station and jot down ideas as I go along . Brief descriptions of my books can be found below and extra details can be found on my author's website please click here.

Fishing: Learn From the Tips and Laugh at the Tales

This was my first book. I have been an angler all my life and had some success in local matches. I also enjoyed sitting in our beautiful countryside with good friends for company. In this book I pass on the tips that saw me catch more fish than others and recall some of the funny and true tales that happened along the way.

The Fishing Detectives: Carp Rustlers

This is book one in The Fishing Detective series. Fred Tench is a detective sergeant who works in the Potteries area of Staffordshire. He is not rough and mean like the cliche detectives and he certainly doesn't have attitude. He is in fact, a good guy with a sense of humour and a passion for fishing.

In this book, Fred tackles a case of carp rustling and is assisted by Toffy Evans, a new recruit from Wales.

The Fishing Detectives: Bun In The Oven
Book two in The Fishing Detectives series. In this, Fred and Toffy investigate a case of murder, but they don't have many clues because the body was cremated in a pottery kiln.

A Staffordshire Boy: Tales of Fishing and Other Fun.
I spent my childhood in the Staffordshire countryside between the mid-fifties and sixties and it was great. This was a time before computers, but it didn't stop me or my friends having the time of our lives and I hope I have reflected that in this book.  I have fond memories of my childhood despite the fact that we were always short of money. Like most of my friends, I lived in a council house and came from a large family where  I was the second eldest of six children. My father worked hard and played hard; he could drink for England and, if he wasn't working or fishing, that is what he did.

Having mentioned that last fact, this book isn't about misery. My father may have been a stern man and liked a drink, but he introduced me to fishing and for that I will always remember him fondly.

The Reluctant Pom 
This book follows directly on from A Staffordshire Boy and tells of the two years and two weeks that I spent in a land down under. In 1967 I was 16 years old and my father decided that due to several factors, which included the Beatles, Harold Wilson and the direction of the wind, that we'd be better off in Australia.

The Fishing Detectives: The Match
The third book in The Fishing Detectives series. Fred Tench is purely a pleasure angler, but he has been made captain of a team that will be competing in the Police National Fishing Competition. While Fred is busy trying to apprehend a gang of metal thieves, which are playing havoc in the locality, he finds out that there is also mutiny in the camp when it comes to baits and tactics.
No Fishing In Here: Just Short Stories
So far my books have had a fishing theme running through them, so I thought I'd have a change. This book contains a dozen of my favourite short stories. They are loosely based around emotions and their consequences. Revenge and denial are two of the emotions that figure strongly.

This novel is set in the Potteries area of Staffordshire and follows a short period in the life of Michael Riley. Michael is the manager of a pottery factory and being bossy comes with the job. However,  Michael lets his bossy ways drift into his home life so his wife leaves him and plunges him into a mid-life crisis. He tries everything he can to find a new partner including the lonely-hearts columns, but most of his dates fail to provide any reward.

While he is trying to find a new partner, his boss, and the owner of the factory where he works, is plotting a deed that will have disastrous consequences for Michael and the rest of the workforce.
Can Michael fix his love life and can he save the factory?
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Some of my books are also available from other sources and some are in paperback format. For more details please follow this link to my website.

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